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Keboon Nescafe Refill (100 g)
RM11.70 RM7.00
Keboon Nescafe 3 in 1 (28 Stick)
RM12.20 RM7.70
Keboon Maggi Tom Yam
RM4.84 RM4.37
Keboon(PS) Azmy Beef Burger 10pcs 700g
Keboon(PS) Saji Cooking Oil 2kg
Keboon(PS) Jasmine Super Special Rice 5kg
Keboon Kopi Kapal Api (Halus)
RM5.00 RM2.90
Keboon Kicap Jalen Lemak Manis (650 ML)
RM6.50 RM4.10
About company

SELDEC Marketplace is a platform that sells products online. Allows users to create a purchase order, choose a payment method and deliver the order on the Internet. Having chosen the necessary goods or services, the user usually has the opportunity to select a method of payment and delivery on the site right away.

The main difference between the Internet store and the traditional one is in the type of the trading platform. A typical store needs a trading hall, shop windows, price tags, as well as sellers, cashiers and experienced consultants, the online store has the entire infrastructure implemented programmatically.