About Us

SELDEC stands for Selangor Digital E-Supply Chain, is one of the latest economic boost initiatives through the implementation of digital supply chain industry by Selangor State Government to help in improving the socio economy of rural small and medium entrepreneurs in Selangor.

SELDEC is offering end to end online business platform powered by Selangor Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd (SIC) which acts as the connectivity and business reach-out for these entrepreneurs in Selangor especially in the rural area. This is achieved by connecting the buyers to the sellers directly through the implementation of the shopping portal and integrated supply chain.

With this initiative, rural Agro entrepreneurs such as fishermen, farmers, packet food producers¸ bakers, health supplement and fashion SME can directly sell their products online and SELDEC dedicated logistics will deliver the products directly to the buyer. Hence, it minimize the supply chains and reduce the logistic and operating cost along the way. Thus, the process makes the products more affordable to the buyers and higher profitable to the sellers.

SELDEC aims to offer fresh products from the sea, farm and oven as well as Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat products. SELDEC is also pleased to offer variety of courier services through Express Delivery within three (3) hours, Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery.

SELDEC aims to address issues related to the business management chain ecosystem by leveraging on existing resources, reducing product lifecycle costs and reducing middleman issues. The system is simpler and at the same time generates better benefits for rural entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. It also provides extra income to courier delivery.

SELDEC is powered by the use of digital applications to help entrepreneurs and consumers book their desired products directly. This initiative is in line with the path towards achieving Smart Selangor 2025 vision in which this business digitalization is a part of the smart state.