Online Delivery Malaysia Services: How This Platform Can Serve All Your Groceries Need During the MCO


Searching for a reliable company that offers a service of only delivery in Malaysia is essential nowadays due to the MCO which was implemented to limit our movement.

While there are many services, some do charge very high prices and hidden costs that customers are unaware of.

Due to that, people should do research to find the best place for you to do your grocery shopping that offers online delivery in Malaysia.

In this article, we will explain to you about SELDEC and why you should choose them to help ease your online grocery shopping experience.

Read on to find out more about this exciting service!



Before we start on the benefits, let us explain to you what SELDEC is.

SELDEC stands for Selangor Digital E-Supply Chain which offers an online business platform to help connect buyers to the sellers directly.

This is done through the implementation of the shopping portal and integrated supply chain.

As this initiative targets locals, it helps improve the socio-economy of rural small and medium entrepreneurs in Selangor.

Now that you know more about SELDEC, let’s find out more on the benefits of choosing us for your grocery shopping as it offers online delivery in Malaysia.

●         Premium Products By Local Merchants


As we mentioned earlier, SELDEC is an initiative to help local entrepreneurs. Due to that, the products that you can find in their catalogue are all local premium products.

We guarantee you that products such from the fresh market section are all top quality and are in the best condition for you to purchase.

As well as being the best of quality, you will also directly help the entrepreneurs if you choose to buy from us as we work directly with them.

Local small and medium-sized businesses will be supported through this initiative.

This will give you a sense of pride as you are able to help the local entrepreneurs which can help them grow bigger as a business and offer even more quality products.

●         Delivery Charge


Our delivery charge is also very affordable compared to our competitors. We already set a flat rate based on the distance and weight so that you know the price that you will have to pay.

As a service that offers online delivery in Malaysia, we want to help you be free of hidden costs so that you are already prepared when it is time to pay.

Below are the delivery charges as well as the locations that we currently deliver to.

Delivery Distance       10 kg  40 kg  250 kg

0 - 12 km        RM4.30          RM13.50        RM19.10

12 - 15 km      RM11.50        RM16.50        RM23.60

15 - 20 km      RM15.00        RM21.50        RM31.10

20 - 30 km      RM22.00        RM31.50        RM46.10

30 - 45 km      RM32.50        RM46.50        RM68.60

45 - 100 km    RM71.00        RM101.50      RM151.10

100 - 101 km  RM4.50          RM6.50          RM16.10

101 - 105 km  RM4.80          RM6.80          RM16.40

105 - 106 km  RM5.20          RM7.50          RM16.10

106 - 108 km  RM6.60          RM9.50          RM16.10

108 - 10 km    RM8.00          RM11.50        RM16.10

Current Coverage:

▪          Ampang

▪          Bandar Baru Bangi

▪          Bandar Puncak Alam

▪          Bangi

▪          Banting

▪          Batu Caves

▪          Cheras

▪          Cyberjaya

▪          Jenjarom

▪          Kajang

▪          Kapar

▪          Klang

▪          Kuala Lumpur

▪          Pelabuhan Klang

▪          Petaling Jaya

▪          Puchong

▪          Putrajaya

▪          Rawang

▪          Serdang

▪          Seri Kembangan

▪          Setapak

▪          Shah Alam

▪          Subang Airport

▪          Subang Jaya

▪          Sungai Buloh

▪          Telok Panglima Garang

●         Fresh Products


As all our products are premium, you can be sure that all the products from our fresh product section are all of the best quality.

This is because we directly cooperate with the local merchants so that we can offer you products that are fresh.

Fresh food such as vegetables and fish are checked to make sure that when it arrives to you, it is of the best of quality for you to enjoy.

This makes the products even better than you can find in other supermarkets!

While some companies who offer online delivery in Malaysia do not take care of their products, you can be assured that we do take care and ensure that they arrive at your doorstep fresh.

●         Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!


Another reason why you should choose SELDEC is due to the promotion and great deals that we offer every month.

It will not be the same promotion every time so that you can enjoy other products at a much cheaper price.

You can check them all out at our website here.

●         Helping Local Businesses


As we mentioned earlier, one great aspect of SELDEC is that it directly helps local merchants. This will help boost the local economy.

As well as helping them gain an income, we also help provide many job opportunities to entrepreneurs.

As we offer online delivery in Malaysia, it also opens job opportunities for drivers and riders for SELDEC.

We also do not charge any registration fees or guidance fees to the local entrepreneurs as we want to help them achieve the best for their business.

By choosing to purchase from SELDEC, you can also help them with their local businesses!

In conclusion, SELDEC which offers online delivery in Malaysia, is a great choice for you if you want to do your grocery shopping online!

If you are interested in our products, head on to our website and with just a few clicks, you’re good to go!

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Are you interested in starting a business or growing your business? Register at the Selangor Digital E-Supply Chain (SELDEC).

SELDEC aims to connect traders with buyers directly without using a middleman.

SELDEC is able to build a wider network for all entrepreneurs regardless of whether you are an urban or rural trader.

In addition, SELDEC also aims to resolve some issues for traders.

Business management chain systems, existing resource benefits and reducing cycle costs are SELDEC’s main goals.

Without the involvement of middlemen, traders are able to get much better benefits in terms of income.

To facilitate transactions, SELDEC is powered by the use of digital applications.

Ordering goods by customers can be done through this application.

The app is easy to use and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Sign up now to grow your business.

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