Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, 125g

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L Dairy's Artisanal Buffalo Milk Products are made by hand with no additives or preservatives and are Local, Fresh, and Delicious!

Buffalo mozzarella is a type of mozzarella cheese made from water buffalo milk; it is loved for its versatility, its mild, creamy taste, and its springy texture. Originally from Campania in Italy, buffalo mozzarella is now produced in many other countries around the world including Australia, China, Japan, Thailand, India – and now Malaysia!  

L Dairy’s Buffalo Mozzarella is hand-made from fresh local buffalo milk, often produced just days before you eat it! It is incredibly versatile and is can be eaten fresh in salads (e.g. Insalata Caprese), sandwiches, or by itself with a bit of olive oil. It can also be cooked on pizzas, put into pasta dishes, baked over vegetables, grilled on bread (i.e., PIZZA!) or in many, many other recipes. Enjoy!

Buffalo milk products are extremely nutritional and have many benefits in the kitchen. Buffalo milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and is great for healthy bones and teeth. Its richness in fat gives it a creamy and thick texture which is perfect for high quality dairy products like our cheeses, yogurt and ice creams.

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, each ball weighs approximately 125g. Priced at RM19 each.

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