Whole Chicken (1.5Kg - 1.7Kg)

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Market Famous brand Shanshui Free Range Chicken is now officially selling online

These chickens are being raise naturally for more than 100 days and preservative free to ensure your health.

☘️ To ensure the tastiness of the meat, our chicken run freely in the farm, so that they do more ‘exercise’

☘️ To ensure their health, what they eat is from the nature and real food. like worms, grass ,coconut cream etc

☘️ Water, is one of the most important element for life, and our chicken drink water from the mountain, to ensure the quality of their diet

☘️ Preservative free and naturally raise, it’s the key for our quality chicken

☘️ More than 100 Days Chicken, not those 30 days chicken, so you can consume safely~

✅ Fresh prepare every morning, then Vacuum Pack and freeze, and deliver to you next day

✅ Delivery fee is RM 15 per trip,Currently ONLY cover whole Klang Valley(Areas within Klang/Sungai Buloh/Kota Damansara/Cheras/Kajang/Cyberjaya/Serdang/Puchong/Semenyih)

✅ 1-3 days delivery

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